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Working With A Bankruptcy Professional

Bounce House Injuries And Taking Action

by Roël Schiks

Some people have witnessed an inflatable bounce house flying through the air. Even with no one inside at the time, those videos have the power to send chills of fear in most. As long as the people responsible for the bounce house know what they are doing, this recreational attraction can be a safe way for children to burn off some energy. What should be a fun way to entertain children at outdoor events, however, may not be as safe as parents would like. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a bounce house injury, read on to find out more about your rights and what it takes to gain compensation as a result.

What Could Go Wrong?

These inflatables look safe enough, but looks can be deceiving. Bounce houses are extremely lightweight due to their construction and, thus, are prone to be lifted off the ground. While videos of bounce houses going airborne are certainly horrifying, it's not necessary for the incident to be that dramatic to cause problems. Anytime a bounce house is unstable, it has the potential to cause injuries to those inside. For example, even if the bounce house only skidded along the ground for a few feet, those inside could be severely injured. Bounce houses that are not properly tied down can also turn over, often rolling over and over and throwing those inside about. As you can imagine, those inside end up both severely injured and heavily traumatized. Broken bones, head injuries, and even deaths have occurred due to bounce house incidences. Additionally, even when the bounce house is stable, if younger children are not kept separated from larger ones, injuries can occur when bodies collide.

Negligence and Bounce Houses

Anyone (or their parents) hurt by a bounce house can take action and be compensated. Doing so allows victims to be paid for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To prove negligence, the exact circumstances of the bounce house setup should be examined. For example, a personal injury lawyer might ask the following questions:

  1. Was the bounce house properly tied to the ground? Usually, stakes are driven into the ground attached to ropes secured to the bounce house. The stakes must be adequate in number, properly secured, and on stable ground.
  2. How did the injury occur? You must be able to draw a direct line between the injury and bounce house.
  3. Was there proper supervision at the bounce house?
  4. What was the weather like, and should the people in charge have known about the potential for high winds?

The answer to the above questions and more form the basis for a case against those responsible. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about your bounce house injury situation today.