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Working With A Bankruptcy Professional

3 Things That Can Cause Your Disability Claim To Be Denied

by Roël Schiks

There are few things more embarrassing than having to admit you no longer are physically able to work. So many feel that they still have to work through their debilitating pain, but there are disability benefits available for those who apply for them. However, it can be very difficult for some to get benefits. Statistics show that only around 65% of applicants are approved on their first try. That means around 35% of applicants are denied for various reasons. Here are three things that can cause your disability claim to be denied.

1. Earning too much income at the time of application.

Many people know that they can only make a certain amount of money while receiving their disability benefits, but not many realize they can't make over a certain amount at the time of application. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has standards in place that says anyone receiving benefits can't make more than $1,130 a month in 2016. After all, the basis for getting the disability benefits is that you can't work full-time hours.

When you apply, if you are making more than the $1,130 a month, your claim will likely be denied. Of course, you can appeal that decision and explain why you hadn't cut back your hours at work. Obviously, the SSA knows that you still have to work to provide for your family until you can get your benefits going. A good social security attorney like Morrison & Murff can help plead your case to the SSA and defend your income.

2. Not complying with your doctor's treatment plan.

Another thing that can get your disability claim denied is not complying with your doctor's treatment plan. The SSA wants to see that you are at least trying to get better. If your doctor has tried to get you to go on medications or have procedures that would likely help your condition, and you have not tried any of it, the SSA will deny your claim.

There are some excuses that the SSA will accept for not complying with your doctor's treatment plan. Some of the reasons they will accept include:

  • The treatment goes against your religious beliefs
  • The treatment is too expensive for you
  • The treatment is an unusually risky surgery
  • The treatment requires amputation

Those are just some examples of valid reasons the SSA will accept. Whatever reason you have for not going along with your doctor's treatment plan, make sure you have documented proof to give to the SSA to back up your claims. They won't just take your word for it that the treatment goes against your religious beliefs. You will have to submit documented proof from your church.

3. Alcohol or drug abuse was a contributing factor to your disabling condition.

One of the more confusing things is how alcoholism and drug abuse affect disability claims. Abusing drugs or alcohol won't automatically get your benefits denied, but the SSA will deny your claim if drugs or alcohol were contributing factors to your condition. So, if your medical records show that your drug or alcohol addiction led to your disability, you won't be able to get benefits.